Understanding your business

Recent information gathered on users who browse websites show that they spend some 30 seconds or less which means most like you are not going to read this. However if you are still reading on it means you really want to know how we generate leads. Well, to be short it’s a creative process plus experience plus enthusiasm and some hard work, luck, knowledge and maybe some elements that we don’t know yet. First step is to gather information on your business, understand how it works, who are your clients, how do you approach them. If you are a doctor, lawyer, real estate agency, restaurant most likely we already have mastered lead generation for your business. But even if you are in a unique industry, a niche market then we will apply our knowledge of creative thinking and fine-tune previously implemented successful process of lead gen.

Setting Up Your LeadGen Soft

Once we understand how your business works, who are your customers and where they spend time online we develop your dedicated software which consists of advertising campaigns, chatbots, live assisting person (a dedicated English-Hispanic native speaker), and a call center trained to assist your potential customer. After series of questions those people who we find online provide their details like name, last name, age, phone numbers, zip codes, e-mails, services they are interested they become qualified leads. We can go further and make appointments, or leave that up to you. We also re-engage them sending text messages, e-mails or facebook messages. Depending on type of your business you might want to create a database of your leads and “talk to them” time to time, or let them go after one successful transaction.

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Monitoring and Improving

We provide tools to work with leads in real time. For instance we create an online file, where we gather all the info on leads like google sheets. We can also integrate that information in your current CRM or send e-mails to notify on a new lead. If you have someone who calls to follow up the leads we can set up an automated text messaging which notifies the caller on a new lead. Now you are all set up to grow your business. We usually see 15-18% of the leads to become clients or make successful transaction. Some would celebrate the success at this point, but we constantly monitor the quality and quantity of your leads. It means we continue to create content, improve the chat robots, further train live assistants which in return creates better quality leads. We also can create and further manage your website, Instagram or other social medias, make company videos and suggest our partners for SEO.

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Sam’s Leads is a marketing company focused in Lead Generation for Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurant etc. If you are in California it is easier to meet in person. If you are elsewhere we can arrange a video call.
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